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5th BABEL PhD Colloquium

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5th BABEL PhD Colloquium

7. December 2021 - Online

Organised by Emiliano Acosta (VUB, Centre for Ethics and Humanism/Secular Studies Brussels Association)

Link for joining the Colloquium (all papers and keynote lecture):



12u30 Aurélien Bourgaux (ULiège) Le martyre selon Théodore de Bèze au 16e siècle. Avancées et perspectives

13u00 Martijn Jaspers (KULeuven), Where 'The Translator' meets Translation Studies: Towards an Innovative Characterization of Jerome's Translation Technique in his Latin Psalter Translations.

13u30 Christina Turner (KULeuven), “The senses in Augustine’s Confessions and City of God: a lasting Manichaean influence?”

14u – Break

14u.15 Sarah Maes (UA & KULeuven), Mapping religion and worldview-based forms of local social support.

14u.45 Ima Sri Rahmani (UCLouvain), Women and identity in the spinning of the lexicon Islamophobia in the media text in Belgium

15u15 Kim Lecoyer (UGent) Belgian Muslim Women’s Rights in Family Life and Conflict: A Socio-Legal Inquiry

15u45 Break

16u Patrick Hannot (ULB), Darwinisme et téléologie. Réactions dans le Presbytérianisme écossais au XIX° siècle.

16u30 Koert Debeuf (VUB) On Latin Averroism and its disappearance from the historiography of philosophy.

17u Break

17u15 Niels De Nutte (VUB) Presentation of the Secular Studies Association Brussels

17u30 Keynote Lecture: Jeffrey Tyssens (VUB) Over maçonnieke begrafenissen in België: een microperspectief op secularisering en spiritualiteit in de jaren 1860.