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About EtHu


The Centre for Ethics and Humanism (EtHu) is a research center linked to the Department of History, Archaeology, Arts, Philosophy and Ethics (HARP) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Research at the center unfolds along three big axes: 1) (inter)subjectivity and existence; 2) contemporary ethical debates and issues; and 3) (historical) humanism and Enlightenment. These domains may overlap in the work of some of the members, but all of them share a fundamental interest in questions of humanism and/or the critique of humanism, and in ethical, existential, and societal challenges.

Currently research at EtHu covers the following themes:

- Philosophical questions on subjectivity and intersubjectivity: the self, the other, corporeality, gender, interculturalism, with a focus on existential philosophy and existential philosophy;
- Contemporary ethical debates, predominantly as raised within the sphere of philosophy of technology and media, ethics of technology/media, bio-ethics, migration, and ecology;
- The study of the philosophy of Enlightenment, its predecessors, contemporary interpretations, and critique, with special attention to the critique of religion, non-theistic religiosity, and political-philosophical themes.


De maakbare moraal