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ETHU invites Kim Lecoyer (Annual ETHU Seminar)

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This year the Annual EtHu Seminar offers an interdisciplinary series of lectures on actual topics related to the Islam. Three scholars explore the complexity of Islam from a socio-legal, historic-philosophical and ethnometodtlogical perspective. Students and researchers of all disciplines are very welcome to this event.


Venue: D.2.01 Promotiezaal, VUB, Campus Etterbeek




Friday, 6 May, 4PM-6PM:

Kim Lecoyer (Ghent University) “Belgian Muslim Women’s Rights in Family Life and Conflict: A Socio-Legal Inquiry”.


Friday, 13 May, 4PM-6PM

Koert De Beuf (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) "How Islamic secularism in 9th century Baghdad influenced European thinking”.


Friday, 27 May, 4PM-6PM

Ima Sri Rahmani (UCLouvain) “Islamophobia in Global Perspective with Ethnomethodology Approach”


No fee is charged but registration is, for organisational reasons, mandatory. Please, fill out the doodle poll