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ETHU PhD Presentation: Jan Jasper Mathé

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At the ETHU PhD Presentations, our PhD researchers present their research – either giving an overview of their entire project, discussing a paper-in-progress, or testing out a future presentation. Everyone is welcome and warmly invited to offer feedback.

All presentations this academic year (20-21) take place online, through MS Teams.

At the February 26th session, Jan Jasper Mathé will give an overview of his PhD project.

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Friday March 12 – 3.30-5 pm: FRANK SCHWEITSER
(will present a paper in progress)

Friday March 26 – 2.00-3.30 pm: MA CHEN
(will give an overview of his PhD)

Friday April 23 – 3.30–5 pm: KOERT DEBEUF
(will give an overview of his PhD)