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Hans Alma

Hans Alma is visiting professor Contemporary Humanism at the Free University Brussels (VUB), department of Philosophy and Ethics. Trained in cultural psychology and psychology of religion at the Radboud University Nijmegen, her research interest is in the field of the human search for meaning in life. She concentrates her research on worldview pluralism, especially the role of the imagination and the arts in coping with worldview diversity and fluidity in a globalizing world. Using a process approach to worldview studies, she specifically analyzes the way humanism develops in this context. Together with the philosopher Guido Vanheeswijck (UA) she edited the volume Social Imaginaries in a Globalizing World (De Gruyter, 2018). She also wrote De kunst van samenleven. Een pleidooi voor een pluralistisch humanisme (VUBPRESS, 2018).

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