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Lezingen Seminar Contemporary Continental Philosophy – Research Master

  • December 2, 2019

De volgende lezingen – waaronder bijdragen van ETHU-leden Sonja Lavaert en Emiliano Acosta – zullen plaatsvinden in het kader van het Seminar Contemporary Continental Philosophy van de interuniversitaire Research Master Philosophy:

* Prof. dr. Sonja Lavaert, 'Giorgio Agamben: Creation and Resistance in Politics and Art, or, Means Without Ends and the Use of Bodies'

pdf fileThird Course - Agamben (Lavaert).pdf (142 KB)

* Prof. dr. Gertrudis Van de Vijver, 'Jouissance and the Pleasure Principle: On the Role of the Signifier in Lacan’s Viewpoint on the Body'

pdf fileFourth Course - Lacan (Van de Vijver).pdf (273 KB)

* Prof. dr. Emiliano Acosta, 'Speaking, Acting, Thinking: On What Some Philosophers Say about Political Animals'

pdf fileFifth Course - Politics (Acosta) .pdf (214 KB)

* Prof. dr. Arthur Cools, 'Embodied Responsibility'

pdf fileSixth Course - Emb. Resp. (Cools) .pdf (227 KB)